Pricing plans

personal account

Ideal if you want to use protocols created by guideline developers and create your own protocols.

  • Use Alii and the Alii app and get access to interactive protocols with great flowcharts.
  • Create your own protocols.
  • Download a PDF version for use outside of Alii.

group account

Ideal if you want to adapt an existing guideline to the specific situation of your hospital.

€ 2500
  • Share protocols within your group.
  • Create your own dashboards for your department.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to ensure protocols are up to date.
  • Manage discussions about the latest literature.
  • Access to technical support and consultancy.


Ideal if you want to keep a set of guidelines up to date with a department in a hospital.

€ 10K,-
  • Give people access using single sign on (SSO) technology
  • Integration with Electronic Patient Record systems

can we help you in another way?

If you have questions or want to use Alii for any other purpose, don't hesitate, and just drop us an email.

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Are you a guideline developer?

What happens when a guideline is done? Alii helps you with different tools to ensure your guidelines are implemented and used in practice.

  • break a guideline up in a set of protocols that are easy to navigate
  • include flowcharts and predictions tools to make the guidelines interactive
  • offer them to specialists free of charge on the web and in the app
  • update them based on the feedback of your colleagues and new scientific insights
  • let hospitals import and adapt the guidelines you develop with just a few clicks.
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